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Kesar Chandan Dhoop (20 Sticks) – Dhoop Stick (Sai Nath) from Chandas Perfumes

Kesar Chandan Dhoop (20 Sticks) – Dhoop Stick (Sai Nath) from Chandas Perfumes


Elevate your meditation sessions, and yoga practices, or simply create a serene atmosphere in your home with the mystical allure of Kesar Chandan Dhoop (20 Sticks) – Dhoop Stick. Embrace the divine union of saffron and sandalwood, and let their aromatic symphony soothe your senses and elevate your spirit.

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Kesar Chandan Dhoop (20 Sticks) – Dhoop Stick (Sai Nath)

Introducing Kesar Chandan Dhoop (20 Sticks) – Dhoop Stick, a heavenly blend of two divine ingredients that will transport your senses to a realm of pure bliss. Infused with the rich essence of saffron (kesar) and the soothing aroma of sandalwood (chandan), these dhoop sticks offer an enchanting fragrance experience like no other.

Indulge in the mesmerizing scent of Kesar Chandan Dhoop Sticks as they gracefully release wisps of fragrant smoke, enveloping your space in an aura of tranquillity and serenity. The harmonious combination of saffron and sandalwood creates a captivating ambience that will uplift your mood and elevate your surroundings.

Saffron, known as the “golden spice” imparts a warm and exotic aroma that awakens the senses and stimulates a sense of luxury. Its delicate fragrance is believed to promote relaxation and inspire a deep sense of inner peace.

Sandalwood, revered for centuries for its therapeutic properties, exudes a calming and meditative scent that aids in stress relief and mental clarity. Its woody undertones create a soothing atmosphere, inviting you to unwind and embark on a journey of tranquillity.

Immerse yourself in the divine embrace of Kesar Chandan Dhoop (20 Sticks) – Dhoop Stick and experience a heightened sense of spirituality and well-being. Let the enchanting fragrance transport you to a sacred realm, where your mind finds solace and your soul finds nourishment.

These meticulously handcrafted dhoop sticks are made with utmost care and precision, ensuring a consistent and long-lasting burn. With each stick, you will be treated to a sensory delight that lingers in the air, transforming your space into a sanctuary of peace and harmony.

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